Wednesday, May 23, 2012

10 places most often blamed for school-refusal or futokoism

It's not your fault.

It's not your kid's fault.

It's not your kid's teacher's fault.

It's not your spouse's fault.

It's not the school's fault.

It's not society's fault.

It's not the grandparents' fault.

It's not the principal's fault.

It's not the dog's fault.

There is no fault.  There may be an issue, a problem to be solved, even.
But there is no fault, no blame to lay.

Kids who miss school are most often more sensitive, more self-aware than their classmates who get by because they wait for the next bell to ring and tell them where to go, what to study.

Futoko, school refusal kids are often on their own journey of self-reflection and self discovery.  Give them time and trust.  And love.  And an environment that remains open for communication.

Don't blame anyone, even yourself.

Who knows, someday you may want to take credit for this time in your kid's life...

Charlie Stratton
Freeschool I CAN
Niigata, Japan

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